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What people are saying:

"[Ben Gown] is a truth teller who spins creative magic with puppetry and song. His unique ability to empower even the youngest child to feel like an artist of the highest caliber is truly worth the price of admission! The music and pageantry interacting with youth is not to be missed."

-Dr. Suzanne Gindin

Conductor and Music Educator

"Ben Gown is incredibly talented and passionate in his trade! He is an impactful educator and entertainer, using puppetry and music to engage children and adults alike! High-quality edutainment, within a Jewish lens, is scarce and brings so many benefits. I love seeing all that Ben does and hope our paths cross again soon!"

-Sarah DeWoskin,

Director/Founder LEV Children's Museum


The Show!

The Girl and the Water Carrier is a 40 minute musical with puppetry for all ages that is currently touring venues in Los Angeles. Performances are followed by a meet and greet with the artists and can be paired with puppet making workshops.

The Story!

Based on Jewish folktale and children's book written by Klezmer artist, Yale Strom, the story tells of how a strong young women helps the people in her shtetl of Pinsk during a cholera epidemic and finds love along the way.

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The Music!

All vocals and instruments are performed live by the artists on stage. Drawing from hip hop, jazz, and klezmer,  the original score will pull on your heartstrings and keep your feet tapping!

The Puppets!

The set itself is a giant puppet and  comes alive  throughout the show. The characters, played by both live actors and puppets, offer imaginative and hopeful responses to our tech-dominated, pandemic-weary and deeply divided world. 

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